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Abarmid - beyond
Abida - immeasurable, immeasurable light
Agvandorjo - diamond
Agvandondog - well-meaning
Agvandondub - fulfilling the wishes of all living beings
Aghvan - possessing a beautiful and rich word
Aghvannima - sunny
Adlibeshe - different, different
Aydar - cute
Alamzha - the name of the hero of the Buryat epic
Aldar - glory
Altan - gold
Altana - gold
Altangerel - golden light
Altansseg - golden flower
Altantuya - golden dawn
Altan shagai - golden ankle
Amar - peace, calm
Cupid - peace, calm
Amarsana - well-meaning
Amursana - well-meaning
Amgalan - calm, peaceful
Andama - powerful
Anjil is the king of strength
Angilma the lord
Anjour - ruling, dominant
Anzad - a treasure trove of power
Anzan - well-behaved
Anpil - multiplying power
Anchig - powerful
Arabjay - common, popular
Ardan - strong, mighty
Arsalan - lion
Arya - supreme, saint
Aryuungarel - pure, bright light
Aryunseg - pure, light flower
Ashata - all-powerful
Ayuna - bear
Ayur - life, age
Ayurzana - life wisdom
Ayurzhana - life wisdom
Ayusha - Life Extender
Ayan - travel

Baatar - hero
Babu is a hero, brave
Babudorjo - the diamond hero
Babusenge - brave lion
Bavasan - planet Venus, Friday
Baasan - planet Venus, Friday
Badara - good
Badarkhan - prosperous
Badarsha - the petitioner
Batlay - brave
Badma - lotus
Badmagarma - constellation of lotuses
Badmaguro - lotus teacher
Badmarinchin - precious lotus
Badmajab - protected by the lotus
Badmatsebag - immortal lotus
Badmatseren - the lotus of long life
Bazaar - diamond
Bazarguro - the diamond teacher
Bazarjab - protected by a diamond
Bazarsada is the essence of a diamond
Balamzhi - born of a diamond
Balansenge - diamond lion
Balbar - blazing shine, radiance
Balbarma - blazing shine, radiance
Baldag - thick, squat
Baldan - glorious, magnificent
Baldandorjo - a magnificent diamond
Baldanjab - protected by glory, greatness
Baldansenge - a magnificent lion
Baldar - bestowing happiness
Baldorjo - the diamond of greatness
Balsambu - exquisite
Balsan - charming, beautiful
Balta - hammer
Balkhan - plump
Balzhid - striving for prosperity
Baljidma - striving for prosperity
Balzhin - the giver of wealth
Balzhir - wealth, brilliance, radiance
Balzan - charming, beautiful
Balchin is very rich, glorious
Bata - strong, strong
Batabaatar is a strong, strong hero
Batabayar - strong joy
Batabulad - Strong Steel
Batabelig - Solid Wisdom
Batabeleg is a strong gift
Batadamba is the holiest
Batadorjo - hard diamond
Batadelger - strong flowering
Batajab - protected
Batazhargal - strong happiness
Batamunhe - eternal firmness
Batasaykhan - strong and beautiful
Batasuhe - sturdy ax
Batatou Mayor - Solid Iron
Batatseren is the longest
Bataerdeni is a solid jewel
Batashuluun - solid stone
Bayan - rich
Bayanbata - hard and rich
Bayandalay - rich sea, inexhaustible wealth
Bayandelger - rich flowering
Bayar - joy
Bayaskhalan - joy, fun
Bayarta - joyful
Busya - knowledge
Bimba - planet Saturn, Saturday
Bimbajab - protected by Saturn
Bimbatseren - long life under the sign of Saturn
Biraba - intimidating
Bolorma - crystal
Borjon - granite
Buda - enlightened
Budajab - Protected by Buddha
Budatseren - Buddha's long life
Bulad - steel
Buladbaatar - steel hero
Buladsaykhan - beautiful steel
Buladtseren - long life of steel
Brawler is a virtue
Buyanta is a virtue
Buyanbata is a lasting virtue
Buyandelger - the flowering of virtue
Buyanhasheg - virtuous welfare
Burged - eagle, golden eagle
Balig - wisdom
Baligte - wisdom
Baligma - wisdom
Balag - a gift

Vampil - multiplying power
Vandan - wielding power
Vanjil - the king of power
Vanzhur - ruling
Wanzan - owner
Vanchik - powerful

Gaba - happy, joyful
Gava - happy, joyful
Gadamba - instructor
Gadan - joyful
Galdan - having a blessed destiny
Galsandaba - good fortune born under the moon
Galsannima - good destiny born under the sun
Gulchi - big destiny, happy
Galshi - great destiny, happy
Gambal - shining happiness
Gumpil - multiplying joy
Gun - steel
Ganbaatar - steel hero
Ganbata - Strong Steel
Ganbulad - hardened steel
Gansuhe - steel ax
Gantumar - steel iron
Ganhuyag - steel chain mail, steel armor
Ganjil - joy, happiness
Garmazhab - protected by a star
Gatab - attained joy, ascetic, hermit, monk
Genin is a friend of virtue
Genindarma - the young friend of virtue
Gombo - patron, protector, keeper of the faith
Gombojab - protected by the guardian, protector of the faith
Gombodorjo - Diamond Keeper, Defender of the Faith
Gomboceren - long life of the guardian, protector of the faith
Gongor - the white keeper
Gonchig is a jewel
Goohon is a beauty
Gumpil - increasing everything
Gunga - joy, fun
Gungazhalsan - a joyful symbol, a sign of victory
Gunganima - joyful sun
Gunganimbu - generous joy
Gundden - pious, devout
Gundansambu - good in every way
Gunjid - making everyone happy
Gunzen - all-encompassing
Gunsen is the best of them all
Guntub - conquering all
Gunchen - omniscient, omniscient
Gure - teacher, spiritual mentor
Gurebazar - the diamond teacher
Gouredarma - the young teacher
Gurejab - Protected by the Teacher
Gureragsha - the patronage of the teacher
Gyma - peace, tranquility
Gegeen - enlightened
Geleg - happiness, luck, prosperity
Gampelgapal - multiplying happiness
Gerelma - light

Dabajab - protected by the moon
Dabatseren - long life under the moon
Dagba - pure
Dagbajalsan - a sign of victory
Dagdan - famous, famous
Dalai - ocean, sea
Dalba - silence, peace
Dam - Sublime, Excellent, Holy
Dambadorjo - sacred diamond
Dambadugar - sacred white umbrella
Dambanima - the sun of holiness
Damdin - having the neck of a horse
Damdintseren - long life of a horse with a neck
Dumpil - flourishing happiness
Dandar - spreading the teachings
Danzan - the holder of the Buddha's teachings
Dansaran - saint, sage
Dansrun - Keeper of the Teaching
Darzha - rapid development, prosperity
Darma - young, young
Darkhan - blacksmith
Dashi - happiness, prosperity, prosperity
Dashibal - shine of happiness
Dashibalbar - radiance of happiness
Dashidondok - creating happiness
Dashidondub - happy, fulfilling the aspirations of all living beings
Dashidorjo - lucky diamond
Dashidugar - happy white umbrella
Dashizhab - protected by happiness
Dashjamsa - ocean of happiness
Dashizebge - folded happiness
Dashinima - happy sun
Dashirabdan - lasting happiness
Dashitseren - the happiness of a long life
Dimed - pure, spotless
Dogsan - the magic peak
Debts - deliverer, saving
Dondok - well-meaning
Dondub - fulfilling the wishes of all living beings
Donid - Essence of Void
Donir - caring about the meaning
Dorzho - diamond
Dorzhab - protected by a diamond
Dubshan is a great yogi
Dugar - white umbrella
Dugarzhab - protected by a white umbrella
Dugartseren - long life under the protection of a white umbrella
Dugdan - kind, merciful, compassionate
Dunjit - generating desires
Dunzen - Keeping Time
Dajit - bliss, well-being
Delgar - extensive, extensive
Delag - peace, happiness
Demberel - an omen
Damshag - the highest happiness
Damchog - the highest happiness
Denjidma - support
Dansen is a good truth
Deshin is a great blessing

Yendong - dignity, virtue, knowledge
Endongjamsa - the ocean of knowledge
Yeshe - omniscience, perfection of wisdom
Yeshi - omniscience, perfection of wisdom
Yeshijamsa - the ocean of perfect wisdom
Yoshidorjo - the diamond of perfect wisdom
Yeshinhorlo - the wheel of omniscience

Toad - protection, patronage, refuge
Jalsab - Regent, Viceroy
Zhalsan is a sign of victory
Zhalsaray - prince, tsarevich
Jamba - mercy, kindness
Zhambal - beneficent
Zhambaldorjo - a blessed diamond
Zhambalzhamsa - a blessed ocean
Zhamsa - sea, ocean
Zhamsaran - deity of warriors
Jamyan - euphonic
Jean - wisdom
Zhanchib - enlightened
Jargal - happiness
Zhargalsaykhan - beautiful happiness
Zhigden - universe
Zhigzhit - the fearsome keeper of faith
Zhigmite - fearless, brave, indestructible
Jigmitdorjo - Undaunted Diamond, Indestructible Diamond
Zhigmitseren - indestructible long life
Zhimba - alms, alms, donation
Zhimbajamsa - an ocean of generosity
Zhugder - ushnisha (growth on the crown of the Buddha)
Jumbrul - magic, magic
Zhebzen - venerable, reverend

Zana - wisdom
Zanabadar - good wisdom
Zanabazar - Diamond of Wisdom
Zandan - sandalwood
Zandra - the moon
Zayata - happy destiny
Zodbo - patience
Zolto - lucky, happy
Zorig - brave, brave
Zorigto - brave, brave
Zundy - diligent, diligent, diligent
Zebge - folded, ordered

Idam - a contemplated deity

Laidab - the executor
Layzhit - happy karma
Laijithanda - Happy Karma Dakini
Lamazhab - Protected by the Supreme
Lenhobo - lotus
Lobsan - wise, scientist
Lubsan - wise, scientist
Lubsanbaldan - Glorious Wise
Lubsandorjo - a wise diamond
Lubsantseren - a wise long life
Lodoy - wisdom
Lodoydamba - holy wisdom
Lodoijamsa - the ocean of wisdom
Lodon is wise
Lodondagba - sacred wisdom
Longbo - high-ranking official, advisor
Lopil - with a developed mind
Losol - clear mind
Lochin - gifted, talented, with great mental ability
Loson - gifted, talented, with great mental ability
Lhasaray - prince, prince, son of a deity
Lhasaran - Protected by a Deity
Lygsyk - accumulation of good
Lagsack - accumulating good
Lagden - virtuous, full of all that is good
Lygden - virtuous, filled with all that is good

Maidar - loving all living beings
Maksar - endowed with a huge army
Mani is a jewel
Manibadar is a blissful treasure
Migmar, myagmar - red eye, Mars, tuesday
Mijid - unshakable, unflappable
Midjiddorjo - the unshakable diamond
Minzhur - constant, unchanging
Mitup, mityb - invincible
Munhe - eternal, eternity
Munhebaatar - the eternal hero
Munhebata - Strong Eternity
Munhebayar - eternal joy
Munhedelger - eternal flowering
Munhejargal - eternal happiness
Munhezaya - eternal destiny
Munheseseg - eternal flower
Munhatuya - eternal dawn
Mungen - silver
Mungenseseg - silver flower
Mungenshagai - Silver Ankle
Madagma - flower
Mergen - wise, well-aimed

Nadmit - disease free, healthy, strong
Naidak - the owner of the area, the deity of the area
Naidan - elder, old and revered Buddhist monk
Naijin - who gave the area
Naisrun - keeper of the area
Namdag - completely pure, glorious
Namdagjalba - the king of glory
Namzhai - Abundant
Namzhal - complete victory, winner
Namjil - Complete Victory, Winner
Namjaldorjo - Diamond Winner
Namlan - sunrise, morning dawn, sunrise
Namnay - permanent
Namsal - bright radiance that illuminates everything
Namha - sky
Namhabal - heavenly radiance
Namkhai - omniscient, omniscient
Namhainimbu - omniscient, magnanimous
Namshi - perfect knowledge, intuition
Naran - the sun
Naranbaatar - solar hero
Narangerel - sunshine
Naranzaya - solar destiny
Naranseg - solar flower
Narantuya - Sunrise
Nasan - life
Nasanbata - Strong Life
The natsag is universal
Natsagdorjo - a universal diamond
Nachin - the falcon
Nashan - falcon
Nashanbata - hard falcon
Nashanbaatar - the falcon-hero
Nima - sun, resurrection
Nimazhab - protected by the sun
Nimatserzn - long life of the sun
Nimbu - generous
Nomgon - calm, meek
Nomin - emerald
Nomingaral - emerald light
Nominseg - emerald flower
Nomto - scientist, wise
Nomsho - a vowed scribe
Norbo is a jewel
Norbosambu is a wonderful jewel
Nordop is rich
Norjon - Custodian of Property
Norpol - Precious Radiance

Ojin - giver of light
Od he is a star
Odongerel - starlight
Odsal - clear light
Odsol - clear light
Odsrun - Keeper of the Light
Odser - rays of light
Oydob - perfection, ability
Oidop - perfection, ability
Olzon - find, profit
Ongon - spirit, guardian genius
Osor - rays of light
Othon Jr.
Ochirjab - protected by a diamond
Oyuna - mind, talent, turquoise
Oyunbelig - wise, talented, gifted
Oyuungarel - light of wisdom
Oyunshemeg - turquoise decoration

Pagba - saint, noble
Palam - diamond, diamond
Piglai - holy karma
Prinlai - the deed of the saint
Punseg - perfect, happy, beautiful
Punsegnima - the sun of prosperity
Purbe - Jupiter, Thursday
Palzhed - growing, increasing

Rabdan is the most durable, very strong
Rabsal - distinct, clear
Radna is a jewel
Radnasambu is a beautiful jewel
Ragcha - patronage
Raksha - patronage
Ranjun - self-arising
Ranzhur - Self-Changing, Improving
Ranpiel - Self-Increasing
Rugby is smart
Rinchin is a jewel
Rinchindorjo - a precious diamond
Rinchinsenge - the precious lion
Ragdal - Free from Attachments
Ragzad - Treasure of Knowledge
Ragsal - clear knowledge
Ragzen is a sage who holds knowledge

Sagaadai - white, light
Saijin - Giver of Food, Giver of Alms
Saynbata - strong, beautiful
Saynbayar is a wonderful joy
Saynbalig - beautiful wisdom
Sainjargal - wonderful happiness
Sambu - good, kind, beautiful
Samdan - meditation, contemplation
Sampil - the practitioner of contemplation
Sangazhap - protected by the community
Sandag - the lord of the secret
Sandak - the lord of the secret
Sandan - meditation, contemplation
Sanjay - spreading purity
Sanjadorjo - Diamond Buddha
Sanjaragsha - the patronage of the Buddha
Sanjid - cleansing
Sanjima - pure, honest
Sanzhimityp - invincible
Saran - the moon
Sarangerel - moonlight, ray
Saranseg - moon flower
Sarantuya - lunar dawn
Saryuun - beautiful, magnificent
Sakhir - pale, whitish
Sodnombal - increasing, multiplying spiritual merit
Sodnom - spiritual merit, virtue
Soel - education, good breeding, culture
Soijin - giver of healing, healer
Sokto - sparkling, lively
Solbon - planet Venus, Friday, agile, agile
Solongo - rainbow
Solto - famous, famous, famous
Litter - common
Sronzon - straightforward, unbending
Subadi - pearl, pearl
Subda - pearl, pearl
Sultim - moral
Sumachi is a scholar, educated
Sumatiradna - Precious Knowledge
Sumbar - king of the mountains
Sundar - the Giver of Instruction
Suranzan - magnet
Surun - guard, amulet
Suhe - ax
Suhebaatar - ax-hero
Syzhip - protected, guarded by life
Sabagmead - eternal life
Senge - lion
Sengal - cheerful, joyful
Sengelen - cheerful, joyful
Senkhe - frost
Sergelen - agile, nimble
Serjimadeg - golden flower
Seremzhe - vigilance, sensitivity
Sesen - smart, wise
Seserlig - flower garden, garden

Tabkhai - skillful, capable
Tagar - white tiger
Tamir - strength, energy, health
Togmid - eternal, without beginning
Togmit - eternal, without beginning
Tolon - ray, shine, radiance, purity
Thubden - teachings of Buddha, Buddhism
Tubchin - great, saint
Tubshin - great, saint
Tuvan - the lord of ascetics
Tuvandorjo - the diamond lord of the ascetics
Tugelder - full, full
Tuges - complete, completed
Tugesbata - strong full
Tugesbayan - full of wealth
Tughet - Tibetan
Tudup - powerful, magical
Tudeb - powerful, magical
Tuden - strong, powerful
Tumen - ten thousand, abundance
Tumenbata - Lasting Abundance
Tumenbayar - Abundant Joy
Tumenjargal - abundant happiness
Tumer - iron
Tumerbaatar - the iron hero
Turgen - fast, agile
Tushemel - nobleman, dignitary, minister
Tushin - the great power of magic

Ubashi - layman who took vows
Udbal - blue lotus
Wooen is an ermine
Ulemzhe - a lot, abundance, Mercury, Wednesday

Hadan - having gods, an epithet of lhasa
Hajid - a celestial dwelling in heaven
Khaibzan - clergyman, monk, scholar and righteous
Hydeb - smart, holy
Hydup - smart, holy
Khaidan - wise, persistent
Haimchig - an outstanding expert, renowned scientist
Handa - walking through the sky, the Sun
Handajap - patronized by a heavenly fairy (dakini)
Khash - chalcedony
Khashbaatar - chalcedony hero
Khongor - cute, charming, affectionate
Horlo - circle, wheel
Khubdai - amber
Khubiskhal - change, change
Khubita - one who has destiny
Khurel - bronze
Khurelbaatar - bronze hero
Huyag - chain mail, armor
Heshegte - happiness, prosperity, mercy

Tsiban is the lord of life
Ceben is the lord of life
Tsybik - immortal
Cebeg - immortal
Tsybikzhab - protected by immortality, eternity
Cebegjab - protected by immortality, eternity
Tsyden - a strong life
Tsedeng - Strong Life
Tsydenbal - increasing strong life
Tsedenbal - increasing strong life
Tsydenjab - protected by a strong life
Tsedenjab - protected by strong life
Tsydendamba - holy strong life
Tsedendamba - holy strong life
Tsydeneshi - the omniscience of a strong life
Tsedeneshi - the omniscience of a strong life
Tsydyp - life-giver
Tsedeb - life-giver
Tsymbal - prosperity
Tsyremzhit - happiness, the benefit of a long life
Tseremzhit - happiness, the benefit of a long life
Tsyrendashi - the prosperity of a long life
Tserendasha - the prosperity of a long life
Tsirendorjo - a diamond of long life
Tserendorjo - the diamond of long life
Tsyrendyzhid - a prosperous long life
Tserendezhed - a prosperous long life
Tsyrenzhab - protected by a long life
Tserenjab - protected by a long life
Tsepel - prolonging life
Tserempil - multiplying long life

Chagdar - with vajra in hand
Chimit - immortal
Chimitdorji - the diamond of immortality
Choyzhol - the lord of the kingdom of the dead
Choyzhil - the lord of the kingdom of the dead
Choijong - protector of religion
Choimpel - Spreading the Teaching
Choinjin - religious offering, alms
Choinhor - the wheel of Buddha's teachings
Jeongsrun - Guardian of the Teaching

Shirab - intuition, wisdom
Shirap - intuition, wisdom
Shirabsenge - lion of wisdom
Shiridarma is a great teaching
Schoen - the sphere of religion
Shoibon - a subject of the teachings, a follower of Buddhist teachings
Shoydagba - preacher
Shoijon - defender of religion
Shoinhor - the wheel of Buddha's teachings
Shono is a wolf
Shuluun - stone
Shuluunbata - strong stone
Shuluunbaatar - stone hero
Shuluunseg - stone flower

Edir - young, young
Eelder - amiable, delicate, courteous
Elbag - Abundant, Abundant
Enkhe - calm, prosperous
Enkheamgalan - prosperous tranquility
Enkhabata - strong well-being
Enkhebaatar - a peaceful hero
Enkhebayar - joyful well-being
Enkhabulad - peaceful steel
Enkhejargal - happy well-being
Enkhatayban - a prosperous world
Erdem - science, knowledge
Erdembayar - joyful knowledge
Erdemjargal - happy knowledge
Erdeni - jewel, treasure
Erdenibat is a solid jewel
Erzhena - mother of pearl
Erkhete - full-fledged
Etigal - reliable

Yumzhap - patronized by the highest knowledge
Yundun - mystical cross, swastika, unchanging, indestructible

Yabzhan - father's decoration
Yampil - multiplying the melody
Yandan - melodic, sonorous

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