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Viktorovichs are usually gentle, kind and gentle men, very trusting and easily influenced by strangers.

Even if outside it is a stern and "unapproachable" man, then inside it is a kind, calm child. That is why they are popular with children, they intuitively feel a kindred spirit in Viktorovich. True, they are sometimes ashamed of these feelings.

In their work, they are distinguished by great diligence, ability, desire to study the subject of labor, however, non-conflict and reliability lead to the fact that colleagues are trying to charge these men with part of their work.

Viktorovichs born in the fall are more resistant to manipulation by others. The diligence of these men leads to the fact that they can carry out the most incredible tasks.

Alcohol is a great weakness of the Viktorovichs. And so soft and trusting, after drinking, they finally lose themselves.

In marriage, they usually fall under the authority of their wives, they try not to conflict with them, although the criticism of the spouse is often fair - after all, they want to see men as a decisive and self-confident master.

The Viktorovichs are wonderful parents and devote a lot of time to their children.

The Viktorovna are inherently good-natured, sociable, attractive women; in their society, those around them feel very calm, comfortable and even cozy. These are hospitable and hospitable hostesses, in whose house everything shines with cleanliness, smells fresh and breathes warm.

However, the Viktorovna can sometimes dwell on their love for home, at their guests it is sometimes scary to make an unnecessary movement so as not to disturb the impeccable picture of order.

With regard to friends, Viktorovna is trouble-free and always ready to help, and close people often use this.

Women like Viktorovna are a little envious, although they carefully hide it, they cannot always rejoice in other people's successes.

At the same time, these are people who are right to the roots of their hair, who believe that they are doing everything right, and at the same time they like to lecture others, give advice that they are not always asked for.

It should be noted that Viktorovna are attractive and bright women, they do not know problems in relation to men, who always surround them in large numbers.

When they get married, they become good wives, loyal and loving children. But if the marriage breaks up for some reason, then the second time they do not strive to create a family and often remain single.

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